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Monthly Group Sessions

"When we understand more of who we are, things change."

Self-awareness and self-improvement for coaches.

Due to my current coaching/mentoring schedule, Monthly Group Coaching Sessions are paused for the time being.  Please sign up for my newsletter below to be kept in the loop of my future offerings.

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PSA Reviews

Session Reviews for Course Certification

If you are unsure if a recording is PSA or ICF worthy or not (or just want help reviewing a session for feedback and growth), have no fear! I offer session reviews to new coaching students.

Here’s how it works:

I mark where I heard competencies (ICF or National Board), question where I didn’t, and take copious notes (which I send to you after your session).  I offer lots of “fodder for thought” to help you decide whether to submit – or to try for a new recording.  Then we Zoom to discuss!

Some Notes on Preparing (and Disclaimers):

  • Please come prepared with any questions you may have on the competencies or anything else regarding the session you submitted for me to review.  This is YOUR time, consider how you’d like best to use it!
  • Bring an open mind to our session. There are always things to work on and I will point these out to you. What I offer is food for thought to help you grow as a coach past the competencies.
  • I will NOT tell you whether or not you should submit your recording for certification, that is for you to decide. I will NOT give you a pass/not pass; that is for the mentor coaches of your training course to determine.
  • I am NOT affiliated with any coach training school. Any opinions shared are mine and mine alone.


If you are ready to submit, great!  I will need:

  1. An audio file of your session (I need the separate audio for listening purposes, I do most of my work from this file. This is the M4a part of your Zoom recording.)
  2. The video file of your session.
  3. A transcript of your session. NOTE: Transcripts are not always accurate. Please review your transcript carefully and edit if necessary so that it matches what was spoken in the session (copy/paste into a text doc to edit if necessary).
  4. A copy of the current scoring rubric (competencies or markers) from your coach training school.

Send these items to: [email protected].

Then, book your session by clicking the button below. 

I require a minimum of 5 business days to review, at which point we will have a 45-minute coaching session to discuss.

I am currently charging $95 for this service payable via Zelle or Venmo.

PayPal is fine if you are in the US and/or are able to pay via the “gift” option.  If there is not a gift option available or you do not have a bank account linked to your PayPal, the charge is $105 to cover PayPal’s fees.

A gentle reminder that I need 5 days to review, so please book accordingly.  If time is of the essence, let me know – my schedule may be light during your chosen timeframe and we may be able to work something out.

“Sandy’s feedback for potential PSA recordings is very detailed, insightful and a great learning tool. In retrospect, I wish I had started working with her sooner. She has a knack for spotting everything we learned in mentor coaching sessions and presents it all for you to consider. Her personalized feedback helped me to fill in any blanks I hadn’t considered through the mentor coaching sessions.
I highly recommend her as a one on one mentor coach.”  Derek O.

Book a Session Review

“Sandy’s review of a pre-PSA recording of mine was thorough beyond belief. She did not leave one detail out. Her clear assessment gave me the confidence to submit, honestly. I had been frozen in indecision — not knowing if I was ready. If it hadn’t been “good enough” I would not have hesitated to give her another one. No regrets at all. Her prices are more than fair. Nothing to lose, really. Lots to gain.” – Ilsa B.

 “Completing a PSA with all the competencies and time restraint was a daunting task for me and I needed a fresh pair of eyes to see where I may have missed an opportunity.  Sandy was very gentle and supportive with suggestions that helped me to make some small changes for my next client session. I would highly recommend Sandy to review your PSA!” – Michelle S.

“I hired Sandy to review a potential PSA coaching session, and while I may not use it for my final submission, I found the experience to be quite beneficial. Sandy provided detailed feedback, peppering the things I can focus more on with a number of positives as well. I left our 45-minute review session feeling positive and inspired to improve my coaching skills. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone who not only wants their PSA session reviewed but helpful tips and information as well.” – Heidi V.

“It was very helpful to have Sandy available, willing, and able to review my PSA before I submitted it! I was nervous about a couple of things within my PSA recording and just needed to get a second opinion that was both well informed of the requirements and supportive enough to offer solid and helpful suggestions… it was just wonderful to be able to ask Sandy for her feedback and input… She was not only helpful but also humorous in her approach. All things that I was/am most grateful for, as they enabled me to submit my recording and feel confident about it, and also finally receive my certification!” – Lisa T.

“Sandy’s feedback was positive, professional, and candid. The Mock PSA review was thorough and aligned with the PSA scoring rubric. She was not judgmental and her insights provided deeper awareness for what to expect in the live PSA. She was flexible in scheduling and gave me the choice to meet via phone or video. I opted for Zoom and she was prompt to coordinate the invite. There were no issues with Zoom and her fee very reasonable. I felt she provided the support I needed to achieve a successful outcome. Working with Sandy was great!” – Len C.


Book a PSA Review

One-on-One Coaching

Discounted for students

Student sessions may include working on internal issues that may hold you back from serving your clients to your fullest potential, discussing competencies, or coaching on any topic.

NEW:  Coach Sandy! Coach me with in-the-moment feedback. If you'd rather do this in a group setting, click here and let me know.

If this is your first time meeting with me, please use the "Student Chemistry Session" option after clicking the button below.

Note: If you would like me to review a coaching session, please use the "PSA Review" option when booking.

Student sessions are booked at a reduced rate of $75 because I've been there.  Finances should never be a reason why someone is unable to work with me.  If the cost of these sessions is still beyond your means, let's talk.

Work With Sandy One-on-One

“It was incredibly helpful to have Sandy review a couple of my potential PSAs before I turned it in, I highly recommend her. Her notes and feedback were extremely detailed, insightful and informative for me. Sandy also made herself available as a compassionate source of support and encouragement which I really appreciated. She was a pleasure to work with, quick to respond, and the price was a steal. Having that second set of ears and eyes was key for me in my growth as a coach from having my own mentor coach review my coaching and having Sandy give me her thoughts, too.” – Angela H.

“With her expert eye and ear, Sandy went through my submission and noted which competencies were present, and the one or two that were not certain. We went through a mock PSA meeting and talked about what might happen, and how to best prepare for it by getting some “proof” that a competency was there or not and be prepared to argue my points. All in all, it was a great PSA prep and made me feel super confident not only about submitting the recording but entering into the PSA review meeting itself. Highly recommend her PSA review services!” – David S.


Favorite Links and Resources

Some of these are referral/affiliate links;  I truly appreciate your support should you choose to use these links!

Practice Better - my bookings portal.  I love PB as it is HIPPA compliant (although I haven't had to worry about that as of yet in my practice), session reminders are set up automatically, forms can be made for clients to sign, and everything syncs beautifully w/ my calendar and Zoom profile.  Highly recommend!

The Sandy and Dave Show - Coaching Conversations for New Coaches. Dave Shen (ACC, A-CFHC) and I started a podcast! We have episodes on the 30-minute sessions, why every coach needs a coach, assessing the coachability of potential clients, coaching session structure... and more.  We hope you'll check it out, it's been a lot of fun for us to create these discussions for you.

Holistic Coach Training - if you are looking to continue and deepen your coach training, click this link and talk to Bev about the *Advanced* Coach Training.  I am in their first cohort (the course will be ICF accredited after my cohort graduates!) and it is a perfect way to transition into a deeper style of coaching.  The Advanced course focuses on PCC (Professional Certified Coach) markers and Bev explains everything so clearly.  There's lots of room for practice in this course, tons of live and email/Facebook/LinkedIn support, and the other students are all sooo lovely.  Bev also has a "Legacy Program" which includes a business course, "done for you" courses, a Spiritual Psychology course, and much more.  I am loving my time with everyone there!

Peer Coaching through ReciproCoach - need to rack up coaching hours?  ICF (International Coach Federation) allows you to coach other coaches and have those sessions count as paid sessions.  ReciproCoach is also a great place to learn of courses for continuing education and further development of your coaching skills.

Course Creation - if you are looking to create an online course (something I personally don't recommend doing until you have been coaching for at least a year - get those skills and confidence up first!), this is the course I took.  It is all-inclusive and helps you figure out your avatar, how to write copy for that avatar, how to create email sequences to promote your course, etc etc etc.  Note: This course doesn't tell you how to make a course, it teaches you how to MARKET that course.  And those marketing lessons can be used for any offers!  The course is self-led but has twice-monthly live calls for support and lots of great bonuses.

All-in-one-Websites - this is what I currently use. Yes, it is expensive, but: In addition to my courses, I have all of my contacts (subscribers) here, I send emails from this platform, my blog is here... in fact, this entire website was built using this platform!  Other highlights: within the contacts section you can create different "tags" and "automations" so you're not blasting out emails to people when it is not relevant to do so. And, it is super easy and intuitive to use.  BONUS:  Customer Support is THE BEST, I can't tell you how many times I've utilized the chat feature - everyone is welcoming, funny, and stays with you until your issues are resolved.  Recently they've added lots of new stuff past these "basic" offerings, which I have yet to dive into.  I will let you know when I do!

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