Feeling Stuck... and Letting Go.

action emotions grief letting go stuck Jun 25, 2023

 Feeling stuck and letting go.  Yeah, I've been feeling stuck lately.  Unmotivated, uninspired, just... meh.

I feel like there is so much I *want* to do, and it's not even about where to start.

It's not so much about taking action (which is also a struggle for me), it's about changing course.

Except I don't know yet what that course is.

I was listening to a podcast this morning that described this feeling perfectly. They likened this feeling to a game of MadLibs. You know, the game that offers a story with a lot of blanks and you have to fill in the noun, verb, adjective, etc.

Sometimes the story ends up being hilarious.  Sometimes it's a flop.

I want to choose my words carefully for my story because I certainly don't want my story to be a flop, but I don't even know what language I want to use.

I see this sensation of being stuck often in my clients, especially with all the changes that are happening in the world around us - things we can't control or don't choose:  layoffs, being transferred to a new job, diagnosis of disease, loved ones becoming sick or passing, financial issues that seem to come out of nowhere that need to be tended to.

It is frustrating and can leave one feeling quite helpless.


As I have settled into this feeling of being stuck, it has allowed me to slow down. To look back, revisit, and reassess.  To look at the "words" in my MadLib of life that I chose previously, and see if those words still resonate.  I might ask myself:

What's working? What's not?

What do I want more of? Less of?

What do I need to let go of...?

Hot tip: these are coaching questions I often ask my clients who are in the same position that I find myself.  If you have been following me for a while you know I usually insert a question or two in my newsletters.  I invite you to take advantage of this "free coaching" and sit with those questions if it feels right to do so.

Regarding that last one:  letting go is hard.  With it may come grief.  And most of us aren't good at sitting with and processing grief.

For me right now, letting go means giving up things I've worked hard on to get where I am currently in my life.  

One of those things is my old website, Autoimmune Nutrition Coach.  It has become a symbol for the type of coach I was when I first started out, and I designed the website from scratch all by myself, so I'm pretty proud of it.

At the time I was helping people change their diets and lifestyles, which were very important to me at the time.  It's still important, but, coaching around these topics just doesn't excite me anymore.

I almost let the website expire last week, but then realized that the email associated with that site is also associated with my new website and this newsletter... so, renew I did, and will be taking some time to make sure everything gets transferred properly before shutting it down.

The end of an era. Letting go is hard.

So. What topics excite me now when it comes to coaching?  Here are a few:

  • Going deeper with my clients when it comes to emotions. To see if there is grief hiding out under the surface. And no, you don't need to be a therapist to help someone with their emotions.  We all experience emotions daily, and having a partner to help work through those emotions and learn better ways to process them can be super helpful. (That said, if I find a client is drowning in their emotions, I absolutely refer out to a licensed therapist.)

  • Inquiring into a client's energy.  So often I see scattered energy from a client, and this is fascinating to me.  They are overwhelmed by those external changes happening around them - and they are getting sucked into the vortex of what they cannot control.  On the other hand, sometimes I see clients who are *too* grounded, too rooted, too unable to take action or get in a flow. <---- This is me right now..!

  • I am also very interested in helping my clients on their spiritual journey.  What their higher power (God, the Universe, Source, Spirit, Intuition, etc) is relaying to them, and how this aligns with their life right now, if at all. 

  • On the opposite end of the spiritual/soul spectrum, I am also very interested in how our ego (personality) gets in the way of that higher power's message and/or our soul's purpose.  The Enneagram has been a beautiful way to help clients see their preferred patterns when it comes to their egos.  It also helps show a way out of those patterns and can also be a deeply spiritual tool.

If any of the above excites you as well, let's chat.  Join my coaching waitlist here and I will be in touch about scheduling your complimentary session and assessment.


So, that was a lot, I know.  If you choose to unsubscribe I understand. My messaging will not resonate with everyone!  And that's ok.

In the meantime, I'm curious:

What has you feeling stuck lately?

What are you resisting letting go of?

What emotions are you afraid of, if any...? 

Where is your energy? Inside or outside of you?  Does it feel scattered, grounded, or somewhere in-between?

Where do you see "blanks" in the story of your life?  Are you ok with sitting with those "blanks" in the story of your life until the right word comes along?

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to email me at sandy at swansoncoaching dot com and share, if you feel compelled to do so!

Until next time, I wish you __________ (fill in the blank).




image of letters courtesy of Amador Loureiro

Sandy Swanson is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federations (ACC), and an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC). Click the button below to learn more about the services she offers.

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